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To backup a package as it already exists on your system, use quickpkg, covered in the same chapter. You ll want either etc-update, if you don t want to bother keeping a history of past configurations, or dispatch-conf, if you want to keep an RCS style history of past configurations, for easy rollback should it become necessary updating gentoo. 0 repoman is packaged separately (app-portage/repoman) from Portage. It becomes a work of manual labor: installing a package manager without a package manager. In particular, the answer to the question you asked here is discussed in the handbook, part 3, Working with Portage, chapter 4, Additional Portage Tools. This could be done using the buildpkg Portage feature on a healthy machine or by using the quickpkg command (see the binary package guide). Like all data, there is a possibility Portage can become corrupted or even uninstalled, which is very bad. It is recommended that you make a backup of your existing world file (/var/lib/portage/world) before using this tool. You can tell portage to create binary packages for everything it emerges, so you ll always have them if needed, by setting FEATURES=buildpkg in make.

I know these profiles have their respective USE flags. portageq quickpkg repoman Since version 2. How would I find and remove the now obsolete packages. Doing all the stuff a responsible sysadmin does to maintain a system is MUCH easier, knowing the tools Gentoo has available to help, and the basics of how to use them. Tip This article describes Portage from a user s perspective. Will these packages just redownload and recompile with kde/qt support. If this is the case there are ways Portage can be recovered, however Portage re-installation can be quite a hassle. As of today, I ve followed the install guide provided by Gentoo and I m currently updating @world. -- Every nonfree program has a lord, a master -- and if you use the program, he is your master.

Change all of Portage s relevant environment variables to be set to the Portage directory of the mounted root filesystem. Because Gentoo is normally build-from-source and that can be a hassle if you decide you want to rollback an entire package to a previous version, portage has the ability to create and use binary packages as well as from-source. optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit regenworld regenworld -h This script regenerates the portage world file by checking the portage logfile for all actions that you ve done in the past.free live one on one free anal videochat f.
. A brief synopsis of where I m currently at - decided to take the plunge yesterday and look more into using Gentoo as a daily driver. Richard Stallman in Portage Resources The most common questions about portage and the emerge command are handled in the Portage FAQ updating gentoo. Boot up a LiveDVD/CD that has Portage included (Gentoo LiveDVDs or SystemRescueCD should contain Portage). Portage will be needed in to order to install the binary package, however it is possible to run something off a virtual machine. example and in the various manpages, make. .

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11/06/2004 · Forum discussion: Okay boys and girls, any advice or warnings in regards to updating a Gentoo system that hasn't been &quote;emerged&quote; since Dec …

Gentoo needs that the /usr/src/linux symbolic link points to the kernel source being used used. The portage automatically updates the symbolic link, but you must ...

Here’s why: At least when I installed Gentoo there wasn’t really any

Updating an old version of Gentoo. Hello Everyone, I usually dive right into these things however I do not have a lot of experience with Gentoo and currently facing ...

13/06/2004 · Forum discussion: Okay boys and girls, any advice or warnings in regards to updating a Gentoo system that hasn't been &quote;emerged&quote; since Dec …

When you see the kernel menu from –menuconfig, all you have to do is make sure that “fully preemptible” is selected under “processor type and features.”

This way you can be fairly sure it’ll work even after a reboot. It also knows what steps need to be taken to fix a given security

Gentoo is a system built to make it easy to compile every little piece of software in the system with the biggest and baddest gcc flags imaginable for

Updating gcc gentoo . Precompiled binaries are available for some larger packages or those with no available source code.Gentoo Linux is named after the fast-swimming ...

I like Gentoo, but it really wants a broadband internet connection. If your install doesn't have that luxury, but you have access to a machine that does, here's a way ...
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